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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

 so far yet so close

does distance matter?
to some it certainly does; but many others never seem to care
how far is actually a distant?
five-thousand miles? twelve hours of flying? the one that takes an intercontinental journey?

it's funny how someone who sits next to you feels like he's so far away
and yet some guy across the ocean can fill your heart like he's right here holding your hand.
doesn't the concept of distant seem confusing? inconsistent?

i was in osaka two years ago; you were at your place.
we were that close. a two-hour flight was all it takes.
airline's penalty fee seemed like no big deal and bangkok was suddenly out of the list.
i could have taken that chance but fate haven't brought us together

then magical cyberworld brought us together
as it brings our heart closer... and closer

all those midnight calls
with our silly talks that go on like forever
all those hours of non-stop fun
your endless laugh
it's kinda magic: you bring warmth into my peaceful nights

you were in jakarta few months ago; i was in surabaya
a one-hour flight was all i need and yet i couldn't make it
hope those midnight calls may compensate how much i really miss you
remember those stories on excess baggage?
next time you're heading for home: don't fly asiana :-)

and now you're back at your place and i'm still here.
a seven-hour direct flight is simply all it takes
is this planet suddenly growing bigger than ever?
feels like the ocean's getting wider
setting us apart... further

but no matter how far and how wide you roam
to me you're always here

someday, somewhere, i know
we'll say hi,
we'll sit,
we'll talk,
like proper adults.

we'll laugh,
i'll probably cry.

i believe that even two parallel lines might someday met

timelessly yours in love,


PS. missing you so much. longing for those *SUBICN* mode chatting sessions :-)

Special credit goes to Kenny, the amazing co-writer for such a beautiful inspiration :-)
Photograph by Ecchan

posted by dodY @ 06:25

Dody Priambodo
Jakarta, Indonesia

dodY defines himself as a self-proclaimed late-twenties plain guy. after... God knows how many years, he finally managed to get out from FE Univ. Airlangga. lately, figuring out how to enjoy the heavy workload and endless boredom at work seems to be a challenging adventure. this guy considers himself highly energetic and vibrant, yet balancing banalities of being an incurable drama queen proves to be a full-time challenge. he sees himself clamored by surroundings of good friends that last for a lifetime. how? by ruling the cyber world for sure! this man confidently regards himself as half-Queenslander and being a huge fan of Brisbane Broncos is only a matter of local pride.

dodY lures himself into watchable flicks, smooth jazz, and delectable food. healthy recipes? oh, that stands merely as an unnecessary option! dodY claims himself a huge fan of Hanshin Tigers as a cover-up of having lack interest in sport. he lays great admiration on Carol Shields as much as his enjoyment toward her works. dodY finds an ultimate pleasure on his addiction to "jalan-jalan"; which refers to plenty of travel with lots of leisure. and, oh! this fellow thinks himself as an expert in Community-Development issue in the future. now, let dodY develop himself to behave well for the sake of a community to exist!

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