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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

 Sexy MINIs Hit the Road

As holiday season starts, so now get your extra large sunnies, hideous-looking outfit and don't forget to cover yourself with SPF 30+ sunblock. You won't let ur high maintenance skin get sun-burned, ay? With summer just around the corner, it's now time to start planning your hard-earned break.

Bored with the same holiday u've had for the past 20 years? Beach retreat is a thing of passe and nature serenity is so last decade! So now, lets have some fun and so much fun. Unlike any other fun u've had before. How bout rushing your adrenaline in high speed? Fancy for a joyride? Brace yourself as we'll take these babies for a spin.

Buckle up! Brace yourself as these cute babes hit the road...

Mini Cooper Cabrio

Mini Cooper S Cabrio

Rockets to 100 km/h in just under 10 seconds, these babies will stand you among the crowd. They make a perfect head-turner, minna-san :) And with fully-automatic roof which opens in 15 seconds flat, you'll have more reasons to enjoy the sunny summer days.


Jancuk, tiba'e iki mau ngimpi! Hahaha! Lha duwe mobil Mini Cooper? Duit'e mbah-mu opo piye? *LOL* Ayo... tangi! Kerjo maneh... golek duit sing akeh ben iso tuku mobil idaman kuwi. Nek isih kurang yo direwangi jual diri wae, haha *pingsan maneh* :-D

Wis yo. Timbangane gak posting. Wis akeh seng ngenteni update. Tapi gelem ora gelem iki mung ono posting sing ora mutu alias gak mbejaji blas. Enjoy kan lah saja. Kalo ngga enjoy? Yo sakarepmu! Gitu aja kok repot.

Semoga pesona MINI Cooper Cabrio mampu memberikan semangat keceriaan di hari-hari anda. Sukses selalu dalam karya dan cipta. Have a hardrocking day, minna-san!

For more thrilling driving experience, log on to MINI's Official Website. Credit photo: MINI Cooper Cabrio Brochure.

posted by dodY @ 15:51

Dody Priambodo
Jakarta, Indonesia

dodY defines himself as a self-proclaimed late-twenties plain guy. after... God knows how many years, he finally managed to get out from FE Univ. Airlangga. lately, figuring out how to enjoy the heavy workload and endless boredom at work seems to be a challenging adventure. this guy considers himself highly energetic and vibrant, yet balancing banalities of being an incurable drama queen proves to be a full-time challenge. he sees himself clamored by surroundings of good friends that last for a lifetime. how? by ruling the cyber world for sure! this man confidently regards himself as half-Queenslander and being a huge fan of Brisbane Broncos is only a matter of local pride.

dodY lures himself into watchable flicks, smooth jazz, and delectable food. healthy recipes? oh, that stands merely as an unnecessary option! dodY claims himself a huge fan of Hanshin Tigers as a cover-up of having lack interest in sport. he lays great admiration on Carol Shields as much as his enjoyment toward her works. dodY finds an ultimate pleasure on his addiction to "jalan-jalan"; which refers to plenty of travel with lots of leisure. and, oh! this fellow thinks himself as an expert in Community-Development issue in the future. now, let dodY develop himself to behave well for the sake of a community to exist!

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