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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

 Mari Kita Misuh

You know the good thing about cyber dating? It's that when you find out things don't work between you and your partner, you can just swear and pretend nothing ever happened. There shouldn't be any feeling of guilt, akwardness nor a humiliation. Because you know well that in online dating one can never got dumped. You can only got deleted! And let's face it, when you got deleted: you don't exist! A free fall to the end of the world.

In case you haven't noticed what's been happening around: the whole people in the club have turned out to be a bunch of cynical ones. And by all means, this should be one good reason for you to become one too. Forget the courtesy of being polite to others as this already became a thing of passe.

So, for once in your lifetime: treat yourself for a kind of liberation. Just swear like no one realy cares.

FUUUUUUCK!!! Hey, I'm just glad you're GONE!

Ashamed? Please, don't be. Remember that you are being invisible, so just pretend doing that with your lips tightly sealed. Not that I'm suggesting you can do that on a daily basis, but I think the deal of liberating oneself is actually a good one. It's largely true, that as you become non-existent the brand new start of this whole thing with many choices awaits.

Let see... you can be:

a. Damn hot stud muffin but unfortunately charged with lame bed skills.

b. Being good looking is low priority but the deal is having superbly fantastic actions in bed.


c. A drop-dead gorgeous hunk with some attached bonus: the capacity of fully-charged sex machine.

The options are endless. After all, it's an online dating anyway. It's where the reality and virtual plasure merged together on the screen of your computer. Get ready and set yourself for another exciting adventure. Yiiihhhhaaa!!!

Yo ngene iki ceritane nek wis kadung tebar pesona trus lagek ngerti nek dhe'e tibak'e wis duwe bojo. JANCUK! Wis, pokok'e gak taek-taek'an!

Pardon me for being rude with this such profanity, but I believe I had switched the polite button off when I start writing this posting. Oh well, enough said, I trust you for taking good lessons from this story wisely. Groetjes.

Ilustrations courtesy of Getty Images

posted by dodY @ 22:54

Dody Priambodo
Jakarta, Indonesia

dodY defines himself as a self-proclaimed late-twenties plain guy. after... God knows how many years, he finally managed to get out from FE Univ. Airlangga. lately, figuring out how to enjoy the heavy workload and endless boredom at work seems to be a challenging adventure. this guy considers himself highly energetic and vibrant, yet balancing banalities of being an incurable drama queen proves to be a full-time challenge. he sees himself clamored by surroundings of good friends that last for a lifetime. how? by ruling the cyber world for sure! this man confidently regards himself as half-Queenslander and being a huge fan of Brisbane Broncos is only a matter of local pride.

dodY lures himself into watchable flicks, smooth jazz, and delectable food. healthy recipes? oh, that stands merely as an unnecessary option! dodY claims himself a huge fan of Hanshin Tigers as a cover-up of having lack interest in sport. he lays great admiration on Carol Shields as much as his enjoyment toward her works. dodY finds an ultimate pleasure on his addiction to "jalan-jalan"; which refers to plenty of travel with lots of leisure. and, oh! this fellow thinks himself as an expert in Community-Development issue in the future. now, let dodY develop himself to behave well for the sake of a community to exist!

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