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Sunday, June 06, 2004
Spring Cleaning... (#2 of 3)

Item #2 - Emerald State High School * Student Handbook Diary (Semester I - 1998)

Berikut beberapa catatan yang berhasil terdokumentasikan! Beberapa masuk kategori classified information, so those aren't disclosed here :-) Hehehe!

It's Australia Day! Stand Proud Aussie Everywhere!

An afternoon barbie with the Burdetts. Had some arguments w/ Dennis for Genevieve playing with the tape. This was surely p***ed me off! Oh well... all goes by the time I sleep that nite!

It's my borther's birthday... and I'm thousands of miles away from my family :-(

Got transferred to the Chalmers, and absolute huge dinner for my first nite there :-)

First day at school this semester! Feels like hell when everyone in school (oh no... it's everyone in town) knew I just had chicken-pox! aarrghhh!!!

Ancient History: do the 7 hills assignment. compose a paragraph on Etruria's three greatest contribution to Rome
Geography: Homework.... aarrgh! Chose a place, then describe its site and situation

Maths B: do Exercise 6.6 (p.205) #5 and 6
Geography: do question A and B (finish the map)

English: Finish the bllody homework! Arrg.. males banget weekend gini ngurusin sekolah :-P

Crinum Mine's Staff Barbeque at the Fairbairn Dam (Lake Maraboon)! Had some small fun reunion w/ Mr. Gracey and beberapa perbincangan yang membosankan dgn Mr. Gold (itu tuh.. suaminya Maria). Buset... lagi bete gini kok ya berani-beraninya bandingkan EMD ama MEL gitu lho! bloody kiwi... kalo gini semua yang pake label NZ jadi nyebelin deh :-P

Geography: Read through Activity #1 (of minimum 5 lines paragraph)

Geography: Finish assigned graph
Maths B: do Q12 of Exercise 6.8 and Q1, 3, 5, 8 of Exercise 1.1

Geography: Learn definition of range-, threshold- and central place-theory
Maths B: Do Exercise 1.5 (p.27) all questions! aarrgghh!

Ancient History: Compose the battle plan and copy down Timeline of Punic Wars (p.69)

Maths B: do Exercise 3.1

English: Due Date for Autobiography Assignment!
It's Jono's birthday!

28-Feb and 1-March 1998
Weekend away to Townsville. Bukan sepenuhnya perjalanan yang menyenangkan!

School Social of this term! starts 7pm onward... tonite at town hall. Ehm, kalo lagi bokek gini sedih aja deh :-)

Titanic! Tonite at Emerald Twin Cinemas for Jono's birthday gathering :-P (ahh... semakin bokek aja deh :-P hehe)

Staying with Judy and Craig for Jacinta and Greg's weekend away! It's 1998 Melbourne Grand Prix :-P BHP sponsors the event, so it's on company's expenses trip (karenanya saya ngga diajak, hiikzz hiikkzz). Had dinner (awesome) at the Emerald Bowl Club and rent videos with Janita (it was Billy Madison and Travolta's Phenomenon). It rocks, ay!

A day trip to Mt. Zamia National Park in Springsure :-)

The Annual Rotary-Lions Lawn Bowl competition! It's that Toilet-Seat Cup! Sadly, this time we lost :-(

It's Black Friday - Free Dress Day! Gold coin donation for being out of school uniform!
Introduction to Catering: Sponge Cake! Hhmm... yummy!
Maths B: Do Exercise 3.6

Ancient History: Document study p.130 (Doc. A). Identify reforms and explain results/outcome of each!

Ancient History: study the impact of Gracchi, finish the assigned columns.

Dont forget to check e-mails at the computer room :-)
Geography: Exams!!!! Oops!
Rotary Meeting - Tonite at the Golf Club 7.30pm

English: Hypothesis of topic developed, plan scope of investigation, preparation of data-collection devices
Introduction to Catering: Decorating the Sponge Cake! Yiiiihhaaa!
Greg and Jacinta's weekend away in Brisbane.

21 and 22-March-1998
Stayed with the McCullagh for the weekend. Great experience of Cotton Picking at their farm :-) Met Pieta w/ her Alaskan experiece and Nako (the Japanese holiday worker at the farm).

Ancient History: Document study B (pp.153-154) and do questions 1-5.

English: Intrepret p.149
ESHS Fashion Parade tonite! Be at the town hall 4.30pm or Ms. Savage will cry :-) it rocks, ay!!!

28 and 29-March-1998
Brumbys' family visited us for the weekend! Went to cotton gin, and Sapphire for underground mine trip :-)

Ancient History: Do Questions 1-3 (p.154)

Don't forget to chech e-mails this afternoot at Karen's
Returning Flight booked at Harvey World Travel! A detour to Sydney, the new route will be EMD-BNE-SYD-CGK

Introduction to Catering: revision for the exams :-P
It's April fools day :-)

Final Shopping Session for the trip :-) It rained hard :-(

Introduction to Catering: Exams!!!!
Went to Rocky and stay with the Roders for the Aussie Safari!

Melissa's and Richard Wedding at the Rockhampton Club; starts 4pm today :-)

Aussie Safari starts! Let the journey begins! 12,000 kms trip in 23 days, covering half of Australian continent! Sure this was the highlight of my year in Aussie!

Cerita Safari selanjutnya menyusul yah.... capek neh.... abis panjang seh!!


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